Traditional Chinese Medicine integrates many therapies and is applied by practitioners to treat illness and disease.  Of these therapies, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology are the most popular in the United States. Some additional therapies include diet, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, as well as Tai Qi, Qi Gong (physical exercise), and Tui ‘na (manual therapies).


The most caring doctor you’ll ever find is Dr. Shu. Highly trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, he has been practicing in Georgia for more than a decade. I’ve been seeing him for 9 years and he’s greatly helped reduce the pain and swelling in my legs and feet, which were badly injured when I was a child. Dr. Shu also helps me reduce stress and relax my tight neck and back muscles and has assisted tremendously in my occasional sinus infections. Now, I’m a big believer in TCM & have referred numerous others to his practice. My husband, a computer programmer, goes regularly for his carpal tunnel syndrome. Initially, I was quite skeptical (and fearful!) about acupuncture. After a dear friend was greatly helped by Dr. Shu with her migraines, I took the leap and called his office. When I explained that I was in a lot of pain, but nervous about needles, he reassured me and fit me into his schedule the next day. He could not have been kinder or gentler! He showed me that the needles are thinner than a human hair and are inserted with a soft tap or thump, without pain. He placed a few in my back as I lay face down. I couldn’t feel them at all. I kept asking, “Are they in yet?” As I lay on the massage table for about 20 minutes, I started to relax and feel a reduction in pain, but I also began to have a lovely sense of well-being, almost an euphoria. I’d not realized the extent to which TCM addresses the mind-body connection. I was *so* surprised when I departed to feel my spirits lifted, a boost of energy that put a spring in my step. AND a significant reduction of pain. I’ve been a loyal patient ever since, visiting about once or twice a month. He’s also treated me with acupressure, moxibustion, and hot stone massage (my favorite). Lastly, I find the prices to be most reasonable, especially considering the long periods of time that Dr. Shu spends listening, testing, diagnosing and treating each of his patients. I only wish I had found him sooner!
Patient Johnson

Dr. Shu is an extremely intelligent and caring doctor. I have seen Dr. Shu on several occasions for various ailments such as migraines, sinus infections, and back pain. After each session with Dr. Shu, I experience immediate relief from my symptoms. In fact during my first visit, I expressed my fear of needles, and he explained the entire acupuncture process to me making sure that I was comfortable, and much to my surprise, I actually fell asleep! When I awoke I felt renewed and could breathe much more easily through my nose–something that prescriptions had failed to do. I have continued to visit Dr. Shu over the past six years and highly recommend him. In his office, he also has a variety of traditional Chinese Medicines and teas available for purchase. If you are curious about traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture I encourage you to visit Dr. Shu
Patient Forrester

I have had one other experience with an acupuncturist in Greenville, SC. I also at that time tried Chinese herbal supplements for my chronic constipation and did not feel that experience was worth while. It didn’t help my problem very much. My experience with Dr. Shu has been 100% different I have had a life change now that my constipation is under control. I feel so much better on a daily basis. I also feel Dr. Shu helped me get pregnant. Dr. Shu is very professional and compassionate. His technique is very impressive. I enjoy the massage after the acupuncture treatment. Also, I feel he provides a very calming atmosphere. Acupuncture has definitely changed my life.

Also, acupuncture can be very expensive and I find his rates competitive and reasonable for someone on a budget.

Patient Jeffries

I was diagnosed with I/C in September (bladder inflammation). I decided to try acupuncture because according to MD, it would probably take 1 year for it to heal with meds and diet. I know a few people who have gone to acupuncture for a variety of reasons and all with good results. So I figured I would give it a try. Dr. Shu is treating me for my bladder problem. At my first check up with my MD after 7 weeks of acupuncture and some minor diet and lifestyle changes, the physician was extremely pleased with my progress . . . saying it was more like she would expect six months! Not only have I seen improvement in the bladder function, but Dr. Shu has managed to take care of several other unrelated symptoms too. My stress level has dropped substantially. Sinus pressure gone, digestion issues, etc. I just feel better! I have more energy! Dr. Shu is very nice and knows what he is doing. You will feel very comfortable and peaceful with him as your Doctor. Try acupuncture – it’s good stuff!
Patient Barber